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    Ss. Mary & Mathis Catholic Parish is pleased to present a short video about our parish and our school.  Please click on the below link to view it.


    Parish Photos 2013

      Photos courtesy of Allen Kiddoo, Father Jason Crossen, and Kay Flanders


    We are an active parish and it is an honor and a joy to serve as pastor of a community so rich in tradition and so dedicated to doing the work of God. The commitment of our staff and volunteers - Eucharistic ministers, ushers, altar servers, all of the members of the various Parish and school committees, and many others - reminds me daily of how blessed we are as a community. I hope this Web site is able to convey a sense of the faith we share.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of Ss. Mary and Mathias Parish, I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you. Perhaps you are considering a return to the Church but have certain issues related to marriage or other matters that keeps you away. We would love to have you back. Please email me at jcrossen@marymathias.org or call the Parish office at 563-263-1416.

    Peace and Prayers.

    Fr. Jason Crossen


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